About me:

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am Olivia Allen, a luxury and top-rated model, based in the DC area. I was born and raised in the South, but have been transformed into a savvy, sexual, and svelte Washingtonian. I am an intelligent, sensual, passionate, and discreet young lady, stemming from German, American Indian, and Welsh descent. With me, you will relish the ultimate Consultation or experience and enjoy my intense, intelligent, and creatively sophisticated attitude. 
When composing some words to describe me, you must know one thing. I have been told that I am very genuine and real. I don't believe in faking anything, and the person you meet during our date is the same person you will meet in each other hat I wear in my life. I am confident, yet not conceited. I am poised, yet I know the time and place to have fun. I am real, sincere, and open. I pride myself on being very professional. I work hard, so I can play harder! My passion for life and love will be felt when we're together.
I am educated in many different facets. I hold a couple of bachelor's degrees in two opposite areas of thinking. I am well-traveled and have lived in various parts of the Country. I hope to broaden my worldly horizons by traveling more of the world in the years to come. I am well versed in the performing arts, business, foreign affairs, music, politics, and psychology. I have a thirst for knowledge, and this keeps me pursuing various areas of interest, to better equip me to understand the diverse world that surrounds me. My interests are quite eclectic indeed! 
If I accompany you publicly, I am sure to turn heads.  I attribute this to various healthy activities and eating only the best fresh and healthy foods. I am tall, even statuesque. I keep my body well-toned, and sun-kissed from head to toe. I have legs a mile long, and a smooth, sleek stomach. I have youthful, perky, but natural breasts. My beautiful facial features are framed by my long, thick, and wispy blonde hair. I have high cheekbones, big piercing blue eyes, and a whimsically enchanting soft lipped big smile.
I enjoy many activities; both sensual and demure alike. However, my favorite thing to do is interact and converse with new people. People describe me as a quite engaging and entrancing young lady.  I love exploring the more erotic and sensual side of myself. I believe in letting go, and letting life happen! There are so many beautiful facets of life, and I intend to live mine to the fullest! Won't you come to enjoy life with me? 
After you complete my simple screening process, we will meet at your location or mine. My thoughts, actions, and intent focus will be on you. You will relax as I caress you with my soft hands. I will engage you in conversation and by quenching whatever desires you have. I aim to please all of your wants, needs, and desires. You will create a lasting, unparalleled experience with me. It will be one that you think back on with great fondness one day during your otherwise boring activities. Don't settle for an encounter- go for the whole intoxicating experience with me!  You'll thank me later...
Olivia Allen
Slender & Toned
5' 11"
130 lbs
The Deep South
Incall/Outcall Anyti
Waist length
A few
Curious and experimenting
Adrenaline, Self-Improvement, Writing (published works), and outdoor activities.
Rude behavior, Loud Airplanes, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up, Last Minute Cancellations, Cold days.
Cash preferred, PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Prepaid Card bought from 7-11 or CVS.
Men, Women, Couples, Parties.
Yes, Please!
Genuine, Outgoing, Giving, Sincere.
Ass Man, Leg Man, Eyes Man.
Big Blue Bedroom Eyes, and long legs
I live in DC & visit other major cities regularly.