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Since I take great time and pleasure in preparing for my sensuous rendezvous, I always appreciate genuine tokens of appreciation from the sincere gentlemen whom I've had the honor of entertaining.

Here are some choice words that I have been given permission to share with you. They cannot be found on any review site, but have been shared with me through the confidence of my personal email. 


"I finally hooked up with Olivia on a business trip to NOVA. She is everything her website promises & more...stunning, sensual & sexy, with legs to die for...my new ATF!"

C. 2/2020

 “You are a special woman and I have been doing this for a long time. You are one of the best I have ever been with! 

I really hope to find someone like you to spend the rest of my life with.... 

Really! It is the truth. If I met you at a bar I would for sure buy you a drink and hope we would have dinner. Don't get me wrong! The intimate time was awesome, but I really enjoyed the conversation and breakfast just as much!                           

E. 10/9/17

Hey Olivia, 

Thanks for today, I can't imagine a better couple of hours or introduction to things. I had a great time and hope you did too, I had expectations from (sig) online and our time together exceeded them all both physically and also on a personal level. 

 I'll definitely write up a review over the next few days, which I hope matches your thoughts on our time together. 
 Thanks again, you made this so painless from start to finish, And the finish was far so far from painless it's ridiculous!!!
 I'm looking for a 3some for my next fantasy experience and later in March is probably when it might happen... I have no plans at the moment and will be exploring options, but definitely want you in those options after today!!!
 Let me know your thoughts, and thanks again... I had an unbelievable time today... 
D-  2/15/17

Olivia, thank you for an amazing day and a sensual memory par excellence!  Words can’t describe how your eyes talked to me.  A bientot,  S- 1/18/14

Absolute Bombshell, LA! The pleasure was certainly all mine. 

F- 12/15/16

Wow! You actually are a rockstar performer! Refreshing to experiebce both brains and brawn in one tight little package!

M- 1/10/15


REALLY enjoyed that btw. Was unexpectedly nice. You have a great personality (to go with that great bod;), pretty rare. I’d love to repeat soon!

J-  6/15/18


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