Though gifts or small tokens of affection are never expected on my behalf, it is a surefire way to leave a lasting memory of our time together. There is nothing sweeter than realizing a friend has gone to great lengths in thought and action by finding the perfect special something, that lights up my face. The most memorable experiences have involved things that were not on my gift list- a Chanel body wash brought to me by an English gent during a first meeting (something I would never splurge on for myself!), an Amazon gift card specifically intended to buy me some things for around the house, or chocolate hand-selected from a sweetie pie after a recent trip to Paris.
I myself look more fondly upon giving than receiving and you will notice this about me almost immediately. 

 Every woman enjoys receiving small acts of kindness in this way. Formerly, I displayed a long list of "ultimate desires" and wishes, but through time I have found that the smallest, most thoughtful gifts, those picked personally by the giver are most cherished and remembered. 


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