Here are the questions I come across the most. If you're new, I'm sure some of your burning questions will be quelled within.

How much are your

Please don't refer to my donation like I am a pound of meat at the grocery or a combo at McDonald's. They are called donations and can be found on my website or the ad you found my info on. Please don't text asking confirmation of current donations. Big no, no. If you don't see my ads or my site, then they can be found on my site through a simple google serach of my name.

Are you the real deal? I find it saddening that gentlemen are often let down by the women they meet with; whether by misleading photos, or descriptions on web-sites. Everything contained within my site is a 100% accurate representation of who I am. Put all fears of disappointment aside. I am that exactly perfect mix of intelligence and attractive that you dream about. It is who I am unconsciously! I guarantee that you will not only have a wonderful time, but others say that it could even become habit forming!
Do you work for an Agency? No. I am featured on other ad websites as part of my marketing & advertising only. None of these are agencies, and simply allow gentlemen such as yourself to become introduced to women such as me. I am not and never will be associated with any agency.
What does the screening process entail? Screening is a necessary part of our time together. It ensures that we are both safe, and can enjoy our date, worry-free! There are a couple of ways to get verified. This process takes about 24 hours, in most cases, so please allow time between our initial contact via e-mail, and the time you wish to meet. I will need one of the following: 1.Two references from other providers 2. P-411 account handle/ID 3.TER account with at least 3 white list references. 4. If you don't have any of the above, I am happy to screen you manually if you would provide a few vital details about yourself. Please see my screening form.
What will you wear?

I have a phenomenal wardrobe with a variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire. I ususally ask ahead if you have any preferences!

Will you be discrete with my information?

Absolutely! I understand how important it is that your rendezvous with me be handled in the most discreet manner possible. I also appreciate your discretion with any personal details I provide about myself. After our initial meeting, and screening, the only info that might possibly remain on my laptop might be your e-mail address, just for reference for future bookings, unless you have subscribed to my mailing list. Then, I ahve the few items you gave me there, and that's it!

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash and Credit Card through PayPal. But you can also give me the number to any prepaid card for your deposit if we’re doing an incall and you like to stay UTR! See bookinng page for details.

Following our date, may I leave a review? Sure, feel free to on my TER page. If you don't have anything nice to say, please say nothing at all! :)
Can we have a drink together before-hand? Sure. I tend to enjoy red wine, or vodka with club soda. Champagne is another favorite of mine. Although I would love to enjoy each other's companionship for as long as possible, it will be considered as part of our time together. I am not a "clock-watcher", though I do have a busy life, and could appreciate your consideration in this matter. Thanks in advance!
Will you come to me if I'm fairly close to DC? i.e.: Philly, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Maryland, etc? I am happy to visit you in your outcall location, even if I don't have a tour scheduled to your area. This often requires a minimum of two hours companionship, and three for further cities, like Boston or DC. There will be an additional fee for travel, which may be required in advance. I may also request you to purchase a round trip ticket via Amtrak. I will also fly to you in your far away city for overnight visits, or full weekends or weeks together. Please inquire for more information.
What will you wear? I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire.
How can I give you your donation?

Please provide the cash or money order in an envelope, magazine or book and hand it to me as soon as we meet or leave it in the restroom before I come to your outcall! In an incall, the donation laid on the desk or dresser is fine.

Are the photos of you authentic? Absolutely! I do not believe in false promotion. They are recent to show you what I look like now, not yesterday or what I hope to attain.
Do you travel? I am currently enrolled in a program of study, so please take that into account when planning travel with me. However, I do welcome travel engagements. With enough notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere. I have a US Passport, and am available for international travel. I am conversant in French, Spanish, and Italian, and am always looking for an opportunity to improve my language skills and cultural awareness.
Am I grandfathered?

You'd have to check with me to to be sure, but if you have seen me in the last 6 months, then yes!


I've only gone up on donations once!

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