I find when verifying clients the best use of my time is to compile a form. Otherwise, there are a lot of texts and emails going back and forth with each question one by one with the bare minimum of things I need to know about you. You can see how trying to seem engaged while asking the same 20 questions in succession multiple times a day could get a bit tiring, don’t you? So, please! Get creative with your responses! Become inventive! Make me laugh genuinely! I reserve time to go over your answers during quiet parts of my day, which might not be true any time you may text. If you decide that these few questions are too intrusive, and you don’t yet trust leaving your info with me, please take some time to think it over. I want you to feel comfortable with who you are entrusting your info to. 


Upon completing the screening form, feel free to text me!

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Form Not Required For P-411 members. Just click link (you may have to mouse over it above to see it, and then request appointment! 

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